Recycling and Waste Management

National Wrecking Company recycles most of the demolition debris generated at a job site and lawfully disposes of all other debris and waste.

To help reduce the cost of demolition, we carefully monitor the ever-changing recycling markets. We have access to numerous purchasers of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals along with used machinery and equipment from many industries. We are recycling greater percentages of the waste than we ever have in the past. Nearly all demolition debris, including concrete, brick, lumber and steel, is being recycled to the maximum extent possible.

National Wrecking Company also has the equipment and personnel to handle the safe and legal disposal of any debris or waste that cannot be recycled, including special and hazardous waste streams. As a licensed special waste hauler, we can provide hauling and disposal of materials such as asbestos, contaminated soils, PCBs, waste oil and other chemically contaminated materials. We maintain ongoing relationships with major landfills and transfer stations as necessary for legal and prompt disposal of all waste.

Having worked in the Chicago are for over 65 years, we are also very familiar with working on structures that have historical significance. If your structure is historic or contains significant architectural artifacts, we have the expertise in salvaging these items so that they are preserved for your future uses.